Recommended Reading | November 2012

Science, then, necessitates a certain comfort with being wrong, a tolerance for the fear of failure — perhaps cultivating that capacity is an essential prerequisite not only for science but also for the basic appreciation of science.

– Maria Popova in What is Science?, an article collating many quotes on the topic. (via Kate Clancy)

Graduate student’s guide to necessary skills for non-academic conservation careers (via @ficaryl). This paper was subsequently covered in the QAEco reading group.

And for those who are seeking academic conservation careers, grant writing advice that can’t be said too many times.

I’ve just discovered The Contemplative Mammoth and have enjoyed browsing her archives, especially her thoughts on the native-vs-alien dichotomy in conservation, packing for a conference, math anxiety, imposter syndrome, shadow CVs, getting a faculty job and engaging with the media as a scientist.

Georgia Garrard leads a new paper introducing a trait-based model of plant detectability.

Cattle grazing leases will be extended in NSW national parks. (via Mick McCarthy)

And next week is ESA 2012! As well as a presentation on weed detectability, I’ve been preparing a map of restaurant recommendations for delegates. There are 21 other QAEcologists scheduled to speak too, I can only hope they’re not giving out an award for the most over-exposed lab.

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