Recommended Reading | September 2013

David Pannell points out some common mistakes made while ranking environmental projects.

Meet Lego’s first female scientist figurine. (Their Lady Robot still needs work.)

QAEcologist Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita writes about language injustice in academia.

A two-year-old Nature article about fanciful mathematical developments that eventually found application (behind a paywall, sorry!).

Evolution explains a gender’s superior coding achievements.

Recommended Reading | August 2013

Joern Fischer discusses the mobility delusion. (via Anna Renwick)

Tips for writing a good Methods section from the Buckley Ecology Lab.

QAEcologist Pia Lentini gives tips on making conferences more twitter-friendly. I’ve certainly been enjoying #INT13 from afar in August.

Dr Isis bookends an online conversation about open access publication intersecting with increasing diversity in academia.