Recommended Reading | November 2013

Rita Levi-Montalcini (1909-2012) loved her father, but had she obeyed him, she would have never won the Nobel Prize.

– Alexis Coe writes about the life and achievements of a kick-ass scientist on The Toast.

Should Australia’s research funders shift from their grant application system to a simple formula? (via @dr_krystal)

QAEcologist Reid Tingley outlines a paper he’s coauthored on how species distribution models can be (better) tied to conservation decisions.

QAEcologist Mick McCarthy puts his writing on a diet.

QAEcologist Hannah Pearson is interested in the methodological inconsistencies that affect your environmental research, and presented a poster at EcoTas13.

EDG is holding a video competition.

And our sibling EDG lab at the University of Queensland has two post-doc vacancies.

QAEcologist Kylie Soanes highlights the difference between jokes that skewer sexism, and those that perpetuate it.

QAEcologist Mick McCarthy discusses the science and politics of alpine grazing in Victoria.