Recommended Reading | February 2013

Let’s avoid gender stereotyping when selling science to kids

and keep an eye on WEIRDos in evolutionary psych while we’re at it.

Scientists have feelings too, you know. (via bluemilk)

The PhD process discourages female chemistry students from an academic career more frequently than it does their male colleagues. (via Michael L)

Calling out sexism in our academic community is important.

My friend Jackie recently shared a link to the three month thesis. While I didn’t identify with all of James’ advice, I did like his 17 random tips for PhD success, 12 things you need to know when starting a PhD, the 10 commandments for PhD failure, and 5 reasons why doing a PhD is awesome.

QAEcologist Brendan Wintle has posted a checklist for designing and implementing fauna surveys.

Friend-of-QAEco Yacov Salomon has just published a method for addressing uncertainty in management costs.

I still haven’t seen a malleefowl, one of my study species, for myself and they’re more easily detected than usual right now. Regrets.