NERP derp

Though I’ve been working with several of its researchers for years, this week marks my official entry into the Quantitative & Applied Ecology Group (now near-unanimously nicknamed QAEco). I’ll be employed as a research fellow under the National Environmental Research Program Environmental Decisions Hub.

My first academic love is maths. Few things occupy me more happily than differentiating equations (yes, really). I like applying the structure and logic of maths to environmental problems, deriving solutions that reveal something new about the actions and processes that are important.

Increasingly I’ve been working in direct collaboration with government agencies such as the Department of Primary Industries and Parks Victoria. This has been immensely rewarding and shown me a range of constraints and challenges in evidenced-based environmental management that don’t pop up in your average decision theory textbook.

I also make the occasional bracing trip into the field to check that my models aren’t completely fanciful.

At NERP I’m looking forward to bringing it all together on a couple of new projects. I’ll be shifting my focus to The Mallee where, among other things, kangaroo grazing affects vegetation condition and the status of malleefowl is uncertain.