Recommended Reading | January & February 2015

WheresWallyWhere’s Wally? Randy Olson has an optimal search strategy for you. (via Luke Kelly)

Jenny Martin muses on metrics, and goes on to suggest a few for rating professors.

QAEcologist Hannah Pearson completes her series of posts comparing traditional and online conferences, exploring professional development, personal fulfillment, and the potential advantages of the online approach.

If John Morgan had his (academic) time over again

… and digging much further back: Indigenous stories capture 10 000-year-old climatic events.

QAEcologist Rosanna van Hespen supplies a neat primer on fox baiting, and goes on to review the use of camera traps for mammal monitoring.

As an ECR, I’m glad to know these things that Athene Donald didn’t.

Universal design will help increase diversity in STEM.