Recommended Reading | March 2013

Six pioneering female scientists you might not have heard of… (via Kylie Soanes)

…plus present-day grandmas with serious STEM skills. (via Kate Helmstedt & Louisa F)

QAEcologist Claire Keely reflects on the completion of her PhD fieldwork, frogging.

Nature published a special issue on Women in Science.

QAECologist Tracy Rout pits hyperbolic discounting against economists’ ol’ faithful geometric discounting.

My RSS aggregator of choice, Google Reader, is closing down in July. (via Michael L)

I’ve got 1343 subscriptions to export, and I’ll be choosing my new aggregator from theseĀ  alternatives. (via bluemilk)

QAEcologist Jos Moore steps through a big structured decision-making project with surprising results for the managers involved.

And finally, come to the AMSI Winter School in barely-wintery Brisbane! The theme is The Mathematics of Planet Earth.