Recommended Reading | March 2014

Virginia Woolf

Athene Donald reflects on the relevance of Virginia Woolf’s words to today’s women (and minorities) in academia.

I’m looking forward to more diversity in Google’s Doodles.

Megan Evans shares her time management strategies.

QAEcologist Mick McCarthy builds a model to predict Melbourne’s cool changes.

A Guardian article exposes mental health issues in academia. (via Sylvaine Giakoumi)

New studies find that recruiters prefer men (and especially attractive men!) over women. (via @n_ylime)

QAEcologists Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita and José Lahoz-Monfort summarise their recent work on the role of imperfect detection in species distribution modelling.

QAEcologist Liz Martin lays down 5 rules for Dropboxing.

A little story of kindness between scientists.