Recommended Reading | June & July 2015

Balloon ChameleonBalloon sculptures of animals. (via The Toast)

Science Careers has come under fire for and removed advice regarding unwanted sexual attention in the workplace.

Jenny Martin proposes that broader merit criteria plus introducing demerit criteria for academic promotion will help diversify leadership.

Scientists of twitter respond to Tim Hunt’s backward attitude with force and wit.

Emotion is overlooked and undervalued in academic science, but Claire Foster brings it to light.

Douglas Hilton has led WEHI to better gender equity, and he outlines their approach in Nature. (via Heini Kujala)

Methinks Science interviewed the wrong person. This guy’s wife rose to senior scientist and “worked far less” while “she took on the bulk of domestic responsibilities” (presumably he doesn’t count domestic labour as ‘work’). How did she achieve success in the face of this inequity?

This Instititute Director doesn’t support the above strategy either. (via Iadine Chadès)

#fieldworkfail has made this rookie fieldworker feel much better about her missteps. (via @ficaryl)

The QAEco lab has a vacancy for an ongoing Lecturer in Ecological Modelling.

And here’s a compendium of QAEcologists and CEBRAnalysts who are presenting their work at the 27th International Congress for Conservation Biology in Montpellier, France. Yep, it’s pretty quiet over here in the lab.

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