Recommended Reading | April & May 2015

Captain Awkward gives great advice to students battling mental illness.

Congrats, you have an all-male panel!

This all-woman panel is just so sorry. [warning for graphic but cartoonish violence at the 2:45 mark]

Friend of QAEco Emily Nicholson has some great tips for sprucing up your CV after a career break.

Jenny Martin offers some explicit actions that institutions and individuals, men and  women, can take on to redress gender inequity in academia.

QAEcologists Stefano Canessa and Geoff Heard have a new paper out that models the trade-offs  in using a destructive sampling technique for occupancy surveys.

And finally, this month we’ve lost a wonderful quantitative ecologist in Niclas Jonzén. As a PhD student in the Possingham lab, Niclas was the post-doc I hoped to become – thoughtful as well as clever, generous with his skills, and endlessly enthusiastic about his own and others’ research.


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