Recommended Reading | October 2014

Operating ENIAC ComputerThe women who built ENIAC, the world’s first programmable, all-electronic, general-purpose computer.

They say the personal is political, and Charley Krebs goes on to suggest that all our scientific activities are too.

Will Grant and Rod Lamberts list 10 stuff-ups we all make when interpreting research.

Ninety minute moments from Kate Clancy’s working week.

Tanya Golash-Boza entreats academics to take their weekends off.

I welcome the day that the chocolate stains on my shirt signal that I’m “distractedly intellectual”. (via @gemcarey)

QAEcologist Esti Palma recounts her first conference experience, at ESA 2014.

Ian Lunt’s top tips for writing engaging scientific blog posts. (via @MeganVeganGood)

I immediately edited three things in my CV after reading this. (via Brendan Wintle)

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