Recommended Reading | April 2014

Science... for Her!Science… For Her! looks like it’ll put the Cosmo in Cosmos.

Two QAEco teams have submitted videos to the EDG video competition: check out Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita and José Lahoz-Monfort‘s joint work on modelling detectability, and Pia Lentini‘s urban microbat findings.

Prof-like Substance lets go of his desire to be “the cool professor”. (via Isis the Scientist)

Consider sending some chocolate biscuits alongside your next paper, grant or CV submission.

How to write consistently boring scientific literature. (via @kyliesoanes)

Ps abound at QAEco! Relax, I don’t mean p-values. Liz Martin is tossing up the relative importance of people, place and project for a PhD, while the lab’s Reading Group expand the 4 facilitation Ps for running workshops.

Liz has also posted a handy tute for formatting figures in Word.

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