Recommended Reading | February 2014

Many EDG members are busy making their research videos, and QAEcologist
José Lahoz-Monfort sets a high standard with this older video about survival models for a seabird colony. Good luck bettering puffins, you guys.

José also has a new paper out on analysing data on these Isle of May seabirds.

Athene Donald takes a constructive look at the science career pipeline, and later examines promotion criteria.

William McInnes meets a malleefowl. (via Graeme Tonkin)

Here are some important but charmlessly communicated statistics on the shifting demographics of permanent staff at Australian universities. (via @dr_krystal)

QAEcologist Tracy Rout has a new article out that optimises surveillance and control at and past a biosecurity border.

Sarah Russell highlights the power imbalances generated by the ARC and NHMRC’s current grant structures. (via @dr_krystal, behind a paywall)

A journal’s impact factor could predict its articles’ retraction rate better than its citation rate. (via Emily Nicholson)

Another reason to learn R. (via Simon Blomberg)

Learn R with QAEcologist Liz Martin!

QAEcologist Amy Whitehead is back from Antarctica and has posted some beautiful photos.

The kind of scientists Elsevier deem reputable. (via @megcevans)

QAEcologist Mick McCarthy has been immortalised as a yellow-bellied sapsucker.


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