Recommended Reading | October 2013

Let’s start with some recommended watching! I was lucky enough to catch the final night of LadyNerd at this year’s Melbourne Fringe Festival. While I’m not usually one for cabaret, it was a pleasure to see it performed by someone whose heroes include Lisa Simpson, Daria Morgendorffer and Liz Lemon. Keira Daley guided us through the stories of some of history’s greatest non-fictional lady nerds including Marie Curie, Florence Nightingale and, in probably my favourite song, Hedy Lamarr.

Back online, check out this to-do list for male academics who want to promote gender equity. (contributed to Dbytes by Megan Evans)

Prue Addison introduces a recent paper offering practical solutions for model uptake in conservation decision-making.

The New York Times has published a lengthy article on women’s under-representation in science.

Science published an exposé on peer review at open-access journals, and have provoked a range of responses. (links via Dbytes and @ficaryl)

The other commotion amongst academics online has been #standingwithdnlee. Dr Lee’s  original blog post details a terrible incident of racism and sexism that she experienced, and major concern surrounds the post’s deletion and later reinstatement by SciAm. I’ve caught up on the story via my regular reads Isis the Scientist, Context and Variation, and Jezebel. It’s a reminder that we need to think long and hard about the inclusiveness of our scientific spaces on- and offline.

One of my favourite daily reads, The Toast, is seeking a PhD-educated lady scientist to pay in exchange for regular columns on awesome science and life as a woman in science. They’re accepting other one-off lady-like sciency pitches too.


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