Recommended Reading | January 2013

Australia’s gender pay gap might not be closing (… see a subsequent media release in Mick’s comment below).

Working out how and why you might be overworked.

Bob Pressey says that Australia’s new marine protected areas won’t work.

QAEcologists Will Morris, Pete Vesk and Mick McCarthy have a new article out about making the best of pilot study data using Bayesian statistics.

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading | January 2013

  1. Thanks Cindy – I enjoy these posts of yours.

    Regarding the pay gap issue, the provider of the data (Graduate Careers Australia) used in the analysis by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has challenged the conclusions. It is a quite direct critique, for example, arguing that the analysis is “an overly simplistic reading of, and failure to fully review, the information”. See the media release:

    Click to access GradStats-data-dispute-media-release-0401132.pdf

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